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Name: SANS Security SummitCity: Orlando 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.sans.org/cyber-security-training-events/ics-security-summit-2023/?msc=summit-homeDetails: The 18th annual ICS Security Summit  is now accepting submissions for the program.  Submissions should be practitioner-based and focus on communicable lessons.     Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Understanding what an attack against your organization will look like (deconstructing real-world ICS attacks and technical threats) Live attack demonstrations & the defenses needed to stop them Case studies and lessons learned performing security in OT/ICS networks System and organizational investment opportunities that reduce attacker effects Future attack vectors on ICS Regulation & standards for ICS environments Ensuring ICS regulation and governance contribute to security Achieving resilience in industrial operations
Name: MTUG Information Technology SummitCity: Portland 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: http://bit.ly/Speak-at-MTUGDetails: Maine's largest annual general IT conference event is looking for presentations on all areas of IT, including information security. We are looking for all types of presentations, including project war stories and lessons learned, technical education on topics of interest, professional career tips, and new research.
Name: Cackalacky ConCity: Morrisville 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://cackalackycon.orgDetails: Greetz to all h4x0rs, stuff-breakers, InfoSec pros, g33k girls, international spies, and script kidz, Cackalack yCon will occur on May 5-7 2023 in Morrisville, NC (USA). We are now officially accepting speaker/paper/demo submissions for the event. If you are somewhat knowledgeable in any interesting field of hacking, technology, robotics, science, global thermonuclear war, lock circumvention, etc. (but mostly hacking), and you are interested in presenting at Cackalacky Con, we cordially invite you to submit your proposal. First round will close on January 20, 2023 midnight EST (form submission timestamp). All submissions are due BY February 17, 2023 midnight EST (form submission timestamp). We value diversity so please don't hesitate to propose your ideas no matter how outlandish (following the Code of Conduct).
Name: BSides AustinCity: Austin 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://bsidesaustin.comDetails: BSides is a community-driven framework for organizing and holding information security conferences, a concept that began in the US in 2009. Because the call for papers that year for Black Hat Vegas was oversubscribed, a number of quality speakers were rejected—not because of lack of quality but of lack of space and time. Those unable to present decided to hold their own conference on the "b side." Since then, many BSides events have been arranged in several countries throughout the world. BSides has come to be known as a conference by the community for the community. Events are generally inexpensive to attend and rely heavily on sponsorship to pay for the venue and other costs. Because BSides events offer smaller, more intimate networking atmospheres and breakout discussions, they foster strong audience participation and overall group interaction. They create opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an atmosphere that encourages collaboration.
Name: Secure360City: Prior Lake 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://pheedloop.com/2023secure360/proposal/start/?call=CALC7XN0ZKQZNYIDetails: Provide a summary of the talk and three key takeaways.
Name: BSides KnoxvilleCity: Knoxville 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://bsidesknoxville.comDetails: Go to https://www.papercall.io/bsides-knoxville-2023 for CFP details and to submit a talk!
Name: OWASP AppSec Israel (Call for Workshops)City: Tel Aviv 🇮🇱Start Date: Website: https://appsecil.org/CFWDetails: The OWASP AppSec Israel Workshop Day will take place on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 – right before the AppSec Israel Conference at the same location (Tel Aviv Expo - Pavilion 10) and will be free to attend. We are now calling for trainers who are willing to support the Israeli AppSec community and submit proposals to deliver these workshops on a free/pro-bono basis. This year, we are looking for multiple trainers to deliver hands-on workshops in English lasting between 1.5 and 3 hours although we would also be interested in proposals for a full day workshop for a particularly good fit. The workshops should be aimed at developers and newcomers to application security. The goal is to improve the security of all software and grow the pool of skilled professionals in the field. Topics we are interesting in seeing in proposals include: * Workshops on common (OWASP Top 10 2021) attacks and their mitigations * Secure development with modern paradigms such as Single Page Applications and WebSockets. * General application security mechanisms * Secure coding guidelines Preference will be given to submissions which: * Make use of OWASP projects as part of the workshops * Provide content and exercises which the attendees can take home with them * Refer to modern technologies such as (but not limited to) node.js, Go, Python, Scala * Have a strong interactive and hands-on focus. * Do not rely on downloading large virtual machines for exercises.
Name: OWASP AppSec IsraelCity: Tel Aviv 🇮🇱Start Date: Website: https://appsecil.org/CFPDetails: Anything and everything AppSec! Application security, software security, cloud security, DevSecOps. In general, the only restriction on the subject of the talks is being related to Application Security or Software Security in some way (not necessarily Web). We will not accept any talks regarding other aspects of Security, that are not applicative in nature. All talks must be vendor neutral. Talks at any technical level can be accepted. Priority will be given to talks that were not presented before. We especially appreciate talks from security folk in large organizations (“security consumers”) who can share different Case Studies from the field. Specifically, the topics we look for include, but are not limited to, the following subject areas: * Secure development: secure coding, supply-chain security, static analysis, application threat modeling, web frameworks security, countermeasures, SDLC, DevOps, etc. * Mobile security: Development and/or testing devices and the mobile web * Cloud security: Offensive and defensive considerations for cloud-based web applications * Applicative Infrastructure security: Database security, VoIP, hardware, identity management, serverless and containers frameworks * Penetration testing: Methodologies, tools, exploit development, evasion techniques, OSINT, etc. * Emerging web technologies and associated security considerations * Internet of Things: IoT security and other devices * SCADA and Industrial Control Systems: and how these can be secured, or hacked, at an application or software level. * Applied Cryptography: Relevant research, new models, algorithm usage, interesting attacks, and other applications. * Incident response: Threat detection, triage, malware analysis, forensics, rootkit detection * OWASP tools and projects in practice * Policy and legal: Legislation, privacy, regulations and compliance, C-level considerations, etc. * Cool hacks and other fun stuff: cryptography, social engineering, etc.
Name: NorthSecCity: Montreal 🇨🇦Start Date: Website: https://nsec.ioDetails: https://cfp.nsec.io/2023/cfp
Name: OffensiveConCity: Berlin 🇩🇪Start Date: Website: https://www.offensivecon.org/Details: OffensiveCon23 CFP [OVERVIEW] We are pleased to announce the CfP for the fifth edition of OffensiveCon Berlin. A highly technical international security conference focused on offensive security only. The aim of OffensiveCon is to bring the hacker community together, for networking and sharing knowledge. The conference is constructed as a single track of talks for two full days as well as technical trainings held in the days before the conference. [WHEN] 19th-20th of May 2023 [WHERE] The Hilton Hotel, Berlin, Germany [TOPICS OF INTEREST] We are seeking presentations on offensive security topics such as but not limited to: 1. Vulnerability discovery 2. Advanced exploitation techniques 3. Mitigation bypass techniques on main operating systems and/or major software products 4. Detection of In the wild attacks/exploits 5. Hardware reverse engineering 6. Software reverse engineering 7. Protocol reverse engineering 8. Novel vulnerability research on mobile platforms 9. Novel vulnerability research on hypervisors 10. Cryptographic attacks [SPEAKER BENEFITS] The goal of OffensiveCon is not to make profit but rather to provide the right environment for the scene to meet, exchange ideas and have a good time. This is also reflected in the speaker benefits we offer: 1. A trip to the capital of Germany in May 2. Three nights of accommodation in the conference hotel (Hilton Berlin). The hotel is a five star hotel in one of the best locations in Berlin. 3. Round trip coach airfare of up to 2,500 EUR 4. Speaker honorarium of 1,000.00 EUR for exclusive content not presented anywhere else before 5. Constant whiskey (or non-alcoholic cocktail) supply to speakers and mobile beer stations for all attendees. 6. Speaker presents 7. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner fully covered on all days of the conference 8. Invite to the private pre-conference and speaker dinner [CFP SUBMISSION] Talks will be 60 or 30 minutes including questions. The language of presentation will be English. All submissions must be conducted over the CFP submission platform: https://cfp.offensivecon.org Submissions will be accepted until the 3rd of April 2023, 18:00 UTC. Make sure to get in your submission early to give us time to rate it and increase the chance of the talk being selected [IMPORTANT DATES] All talks must be submitted before 3rd of April 2023, 18:00 UTC. [FURTHER INFORMATION] Further details about the conference program, trainings, the venue and registration can be found at: https://www.offensivecon.org For regular announcements and updates follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/offensive_con You can enter proposals until 2023-04-03 20:00 (UTC), 3 months, 2 weeks from now.
Name: BSides SeattleCity: Seattle 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.bsidesseattle.comDetails: Please see all the details here: https://www.bsidesseattle.com/submit-to-present.html
Name: Security festCity: Gothenburg 🇸🇪Start Date: Website: www.securityfest.comDetails: This summer, Gothenburg will become the most secure city in Sweden! May 25-26, 2023 Security Fest is a one-track two-day conference filled with great talks by internationally renowned speakers on some of the most cutting edge and interesting topics in IT security. Our attendees will learn from the best and the brightest, and have a chance to get to know each other during the lunch, dinner, scheduled breaks and the awesome after-party. Security Fest is a technical IT security conference and we would like CFP submissions to be security related and without marketing elements. We do not offer paid-for talks. We strongly encourage potential speakers to submit more than one submission on more than one topic. The more submissions you contribute, the more options you give us to pick you. Be sure your talk title and abstract define the exact topic you want to talk about and what you hope people will learn from the session. In previous years, some submissions sounded interesting but we just didn’t have enough detail for them to make the final cut. We also encourage submissions to include links to videos and slides of previous speaking engagements.
Name: BSides BudapestCity: Budapest 🇭🇺Start Date: Website: https://2023.bsidesbud.com/call-for-paper/Details: CALL FOR PAPERS FOR BSIDES BUDAPEST CONFERENCE - MAY 25, 2023 BSides Budapest is soliciting papers and presentations for the 2023 BSides Budapest IT security conference that is going to be held at Lurdy Conference Center, Budapest, but will be live-streamed as well. CORE INFO Name of the event: BSides Budapest 2023 IT Security Conference Date: 25 May 2023 Venue: Lurdy Conference Center, Budapest & Live Stream CFP Form: https://forms.gle/9gJG5NZo7RAVemVQ8 Deadline for submissions: 25 March 2023 ABOUT BSIDES BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. It creates opportunities for individuals to both presents and participates in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interactions with participants. It is where conversations about the next big thing are happening. WHO SHOULD SUBMIT We are most interested in new presentations, but important updates on existing work are welcome. We are also interested in presentations from new faces, therefore, we encourage any individual who has not spoken at a conference before to submit a talk and attempt to make BSides Budapest their inaugural event. NOTE: BSides Budapest does not accept product or vendor-related pitches. If your talk is a camouflaged advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not apply. SUGGESTED TOPICS BSides Budapest presentations should be focused on topics that are of interest to IT security and technology professionals who are paying attention to current trends and issues. Presentations dealing with new technologies are always encouraged. Some examples include (but are not limited to): - Information technology - Network security - Mobile security - Web Application Security - Vulnerability research and zero days - Penetration testing and security assessment - Forensics - Malware analysis and new trends in malicious codes - Cryptography - Car/Vehicles hacking - Virtualization and cloud computing - Innovative attack / defense strategies - Embedded device security / Internet of things - Hardware hacking - Phone phreaking - Robotics GROUP/PANEL SUBMISSIONS Submissions with two or more speakers are welcome at BSides Budapest. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS - All presentations must be submitted by the original authors. - Submissions should be in English or Hungarian. - Sales pitches, advertisements, product demos will be politely rejected. The following time slots are available and it is expected that the presenters will budget time for audience participation and Q&A within this time frame: - Regular Talks: Regular presentation slots lengths are a fixed duration of 40 minutes. - Light Talks: Light presentation slots lengths are a fixed duration of 20 minutes. - Workshops: The workshops have fixed duration of 120 minutes or more and have a maximum capacity of 20 attendees. - Rookie talks (20 and 40 minutes as well) – If you hesitate to send in you paper because you do not have any experience as a Speaker don't worry! The stage is open for you as well! The CFP deadline for submissions is March 25, 2023. SUBMISSION PROCEDURE Submissions should be in plain text and should address the following points: - Your preferred email address - Are you representing anyone (yourself, company name, group name) - The title and abstract for your presentation - Approximate length of your presentation Please send your submissions through the following Google Forms document [https://forms.gle/9gJG5NZo7RAVemVQ8] until March 25, 2023. THANK YOU! We thank you in advance for your interest and support in BSides Budapest, and all your submissions are greatly appreciated. Please support us by spreading the word and print and place this post where you can.
Name: BSides DublinCity: Dublin 🇮🇪Start Date: Website: https://www.bsidesdub.ie/Details: See the following website for full CFP details: https://sessionize.com/security-bsides-dublin-2023/
Name: X33f ConCity: gdynia 🇵🇱Start Date: Website: https://www.x33fcon.com/#!index.mdDetails: Rules¶ Each presentation should last up to 40 min + 5 min Q&A CFP submissions must be made by speaker himself/herself. No third parties should be involved Priority will be given to new research that has not been presented elsewhere (and will not be before x33fcon) If submitted presentation was already presented elsewhere please provide links to the material (slides, whitepaper, video, etc.) We do not accept vendor specific pitches nor advertisements We will contact potential speakers with questions in regards to presentations if needed Incomplete submissions will be rejected. Please make sure to answer our questions in Additional Information section If accepted, we require your presentation to be pre-recorded and sent to us 4 weeks before the event (April 19, 2021); you should still be present during the conference for live Q&A Please note that by agreeing to speak at x33fcon you are granting x33fcon organizers the rights to advertise your presentation at x33fcon.com, twitter and all other media in paper and electronic form. Topics of interest Red/blue collaboration (purple teaming) War stories / case studies Offensive TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) Blue team best practices Research on novel attacks Threat intelligence Malware research Digital forensic triage Antiforensics and anti-antiforensics approaches Networking incident response, investigation, and evidence handling Network forensics and traffic analysis Social Engineering Active defense Cloud and IoT security DevSecOps If you believe your research is interesting but does not fall into the above categories please contact us. We are open to any suggestions. Key deadlines CFP end date: March 1, 2023, 0900 UTC Final Notification: April 2023 Conference: May 29-30, 2023, 0900-1700 CEST
Name: Hardwear.io USACity: Santa Clara 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://hardwear.io/usa-2023/cfp.phpDetails: Hardwear.io is a platform for the hardware and security community where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware. We happily open doors for researchers and hackers around the world working on the next Big Thing in security – if you've done interesting offence/defence research on any hardware and want to share it to the security community, it's time to submit your research paper!
Name: Hardwear.io USACity: Santa Clara 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://hardwear.io/usa-2023/Details: Hardwear.io USA 2023 welcomes hardware researchers and hackers around the world working on the next Big Thing in security. It is a platform where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware. CFP Deadline: 10th February 2023 Research Categories: 1. New Research Category: A deep knowledge technical track that includes new research, vulnerabilities, zero days or exploits. And by new we really mean new i.e. if your research or talk has been published/showcased (partially or entirely) before, it will fall under current research category even though there are enhancements/changes to the original research. 2. Current Research / Workshop Category: Comprises known security issues, new research presented/published elsewhere, case studies, twist to an existing research, vulnerability, exploit or research-in-progress. 3. Tool Category: Comprises open source security tools, exploits, hardware etc. This is an excellent opportunity for the original authors to showcase their work to the world. Submission Topics: We are interested in new and cutting edge security work that has previously not been published. Some security topics for your reference including (but not limited to): Integrated Circuits | Processors | Internet of Things / Smart Devices | Embedded Systems & Cryptography | Automobile, Aeroplane, Train Automation Systems and Hardware Components | Industrial Control Systems / SCADA | Satellite Systems | Medical Devices | Smartphone Firmware, Hardware Firmware | Hardware Pentesting | Trusted Platform Module | Radio Communication Protocols and Hardware | Hardware Trust and Assurance Algorithms | Multimedia Hardware, Firmware, Protocols | Telecom Hardware / Networks | Electronic / Physical Locks | Attacks & Countermeasures For further questions reach out to cfp@hardwear.io
Name: BSides BuffaloCity: Buffalo 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.bsidesbuffalo.orgDetails: We are seeking speakers willing to share technical, information security related content with an audience of varying levels of experience. The emphasis is on practical, actionable talks that will help our attendees understand and secure their organizations, data, and networks. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: Security Topic X 101 Open source security tools Reverse engineering Cloud security Ethical hacking and penetration testing Log analysis Physical security Security community development and organization Security awareness and training Container security Secure orchestration DevSecOps Risk Assessment Governance, Risk, and Compliance Our audience is a mix of students, hobbyists, and professionals, at all levels of experience. First time speakers are more than welcome! Please note: This is a live event. Priority will be given to speakers who are able to present to the audience in-person on June 3.
Name: CONFidenceCity: Cracow 🇵🇱Start Date: Website: https://www.confidence-conference.orgDetails: We're looking both for highly technical presentations and more basic & essential talks, as well as live coding. They should cover fresh, important issues in various fields of security. Whether it's research on a new ransomware group, good practices in cybersecurity, analysis of a recent attack or tips for red/blue teams - all topics are welcome!
Name: SSTICCity: Rennes 🇫🇷Start Date: Website: https://www.sstic.orgDetails: https://www.sstic.org/2023/cfp/
Name: BSides BarcelonaCity: Barcelona 🇪🇸Start Date: Website: https://bsides.barcelonaDetails: https://www.papercall.io/bsidesbcn23
Name: BSides BangaloreCity: Bangalore 🇮🇳Start Date: Website: www.bsidesbangalore.inDetails: Important Dates: CFP Opens: 31st January 2023 CFP Closes: 15th April 2023 Conference Date: 08th June 2023 CATEGORIES, FORMATS, AND SPEAKER BENEFITS A. New Research Category: A deep knowledge technical track that includes new research, vulnerabilities, zero days, or exploits. If your research or talk has been published/showcased (partially or entirely) before, it will fall under the current research category even though there are enhancements/changes to the original research. B. Current Research and Workshop Category: Comprises of known security issues, new research presented/published elsewhere, case studies, twist to existing research, vulnerability, exploit, or research-in-progress. C. Tool Category: Comprises of open-source security tools, exploits, etc. This is an excellent opportunity for the original authors to showcase their work to the world. CONDITIONS: *By submitting a paper and agreeing to talk, the speakers give BSides Bangalore the right to post, publish, re-distribute online and offline, soft and/or hard copies of their presentation material including slides, source code, design specifications, detailed paper, and the recorded video of the talk. SUBMISSION TOPICS We are looking at new and cutting-edge security research that has not been published previously. Here are a few topics for your reference including (but not limited to): DevSecOps AI Security BlockChain Security Data Security Web Security Cloud Security Mobile Security Smart Cities IoT / ICS / SCADA Network Security Digital Forensics Malware Analysis Web3.0 Security Cloud Security Incident Response Meta-verse Security Bug Bounty - Challenges and Opportunities Security as a SAAS Offering Electronic / Physical Locks Attacks & Countermeasures TIPS FOR SUBMITTING BSides Bangalore's tips: https://bsidesbangalore.in/cfp CONTACT Follow us @ LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/bsidesbangalore/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/bsidesbangalore Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bsides_bangalore/ to engage with the community & keep up to date with what's up this year. If you have any queries, feel free to reach us at: cfp@bsidesbangalore.in Good luck with your submission!
Name: BSides SATXCity: San Antonio 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.bsidessatx.com/Details: https://cfp.bsidessatx.com/2023/cfp SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, PASSION, AND EXPERIENCE BSidesSATX is soliciting submissions for an information security community conference to be held in San Antonio, Texas on June 10, 2023. TALKS WHO SHOULD SUBMIT? This is a chance to share about that thing you are really good at, just getting started with, or are excited to share experiences about. Looking for 'The Next Big Thing' takes all kinds, so that means you. Yes YOU. The person reading this. If you find yourself here and aren't sure if you should submit, that's a definite sign that we want to help you get your start. CONFERENCE TRACKS While not limited to the following, your submission should loosely adhere to these themes: In the Beginning (Introduce your topic or research) In the Weeds (Technical & detailed) In the Clouds (Concepts, strategy, and industry challenges) ​In the Thick of It (Career talks & industry panels) SESSION TYPES 25 minutes (Short Talk) 45 minutes (Full Talk) You may request either talk length in your submission, regardless of track. ATTENDANCE We're planning to host a hybrid conference for 2023, with content presented live, in person, in San Antonio, TX as well as virtual / online components. The in person conference will be held in adherence with state, local, and our conference venue's health & safety guidelines. We hope you'll be able to attend in person, but are also working to enable remote presentations. During the submission process you'll be asked to confirm your availability as in person only, virtual only, or either / no preference. Presenters are expected to us their own device(s) to share their content during the conference. CODE OF CONDUCT All conference participants will adhere to our Code of Conduct: https://www.bsidessatx.com/conduct.html
Name: RVAsecCity: Richmond 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://rvasec.comDetails: https://rvasec.com/cfp-2023/
Name: BSides LjubljanaCity: Ljubljana 🇸🇮Start Date: Website: https://bsidesljubljana.si/Details: Call for papers is open! Are you doing something interesting, super exciting and fun that you would like your peers to hear about? BSides is organized by the community for the community and everyone is encouraged to participate. If you would like to share your enthusiasm about the work you do, if you want to enable others to learn from you, and if you want to gain recognition in the community, give a talk or a workshop at the event. Topics of interest include the following (but are in no way limited to), preference given to talks that provide solutions as well as insights into problems: - Offensive and Defensive Technologies and Techniques - Bugs and Reverse Engineering (finding and fixing) - Incident Handling, Forensics and Anti-Forensics - Virtualisation, Container and Cloud Computing Security - Owning the Enterprise, Infrastructure, Applications, Databases and Client Side Security - Cryptography, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptozoology and other Crypto-fu - Embedded/Hardware Hacking and the Internet of Shit(tm) - Application and Mobile Security - Networking, Comms, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) - Human hacking / Social engineering - Cyberspace, Policing, Law, Interception and Human Rights If the topic you would like to present is not on the list, we invite you to submit it regardless – we will gladly consider it! More on https://0x7e7.bsidesljubljana.si/cfp/
Name: DeveloperWeek Latin AmericaCity: Online Event 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.devnetwork.com/events/Details: All speakers will be presenting talks live & virtually. Please be sure to complete all fields in the proposal form. All speaker decisions are made by the Advisory Board and all speakers must submit via this Call for Speakers process (No exceptions). First Round proposal deadline is Friday, March 31, 2023. Final Round proposal deadline is Friday, April 21, 2023. *Note: If your proposal gets selected in the First Round we will send you an acceptance email. If it doesn't get selected it will carry over to the Second Round. Upon conclusion of the Second Round, all applicants will receive either an acceptance or rejection email.
Name: Circle City ConCity: Indianapolis 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://circlecitycon.orgDetails: We are looking for talks ranging on topics from infosec and security to hobbies to help infosec and IT practitioners to relax.
Name: CircleCityCon 10City: Indianapolis 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://circlecitycon.orgDetails: https://circlecitycon10cfp.busyconf.com/proposals/new
Name: BSides TLVCity: Tel Aviv 🇮🇱Start Date: Website: https://bsidestlv.com/Details: When: Thursday, June 29 , 2023 The 2023 edition of Security BSides in Israel, BSidesTLV 2023, is returning during Tel Aviv University’s Cyber Week (June 25th - June 29th, 2023). BSidesTLV will take place on Thursday, June 29th, 2023, from 10:00 am until 19:00 pm, and (depending on COVID) might even be followed by our traditional after-party. Where: Tel Aviv University, Smolartz auditorium, Israel Who should apply? BSidesTLV is a hands-on, community-organized hacking and security research event. This is the chance for you to share knowledge, ideas, and failures and demonstrate what you’ve been up to! We encourage talk submissions by both newbies and veterans from people passionate about security in all walks of life. If we don’t know who you are, or if you’ve never spoken on stage before - we want you, so go ahead and submit a talk! If you never gave a public talk before, or even if you just feel like you need some support - this year we will be able to offer mentorship by members of our review board and BSidesTLV team, if your talk was accepted, feel free to ask for mentoship by emailing cfp@bsidestlv.com Available speaking slots: 45min - Deep-dive, technical talk 25min - Regular talks 10min - Lightning talks The 45min and 25min slots include 5min for Q&A, so please take that under consideration when creating your talk. The 10min slot depends on a minimum number of Lightning Talk applicants. Topics we would like to hear about: Network Security & Wireless Networks Hardware Hacking & Embedded Systems Mobile and Portable Devices Radio Hacking: SDR and RF, GSM, NFC, etc. [Web] Application Security Containers and Virtualization Cryptography Biohacking Forensics Vulnerability Research & Disclosure Hack The Human & Social Engineering Live DEMO of something awesome Anything else Hacking related - try us! CALL FOR SPEAKERS Important BSidesTLV 2023 dates: February 15th, 2023 - CFP opens May 1st, 2023 - CFP closes May 10th, 2023 - Accepted talks notified June 1st, 2023 - Agenda announced to the public with final talk title & abstract June 15th, 2023 - Presentation/slides due for review June 29th, 2023 - Speakers' dinner (in the event of a physical-presence conference) June 30th, 2023 - BSidesTLV and after-party (in the event of a physical-presence conference)! Why you should speak at BSidesTLV 2023 You’ll win the audience’s admiration and a chance to (hopefully) visit Tel Aviv and be a part of Cyber Week, This annual event brings over 8000 international guests from 60 countries to Tel Aviv. Pending COVID-19 solutions, of course. Speaker benefits: A stage to present your topic, in English, to an audience of nearly a thousand passionate individuals. Unique, limited edition speaker T-shirt and speaker gifts. In the event of a virtual conference, they will be mailed to you. Speakers dinner on the night before the event (in the event of a physical-presence conference.) Guaranteed entry to the after-party (in the event of a physical-presence conference.). s a community-focused, free and non-profit event, we usually do not cover flights or offer honorariums to our speakers, but in special cases, we might be able to provide some assistance for overseas speakers (lightning talks excluded). So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If you are traveling from abroad, we hope you’ll enjoy the chance to visit sunny Tel Aviv and connect with our amazing local security community. We promise to make it fun, safe, educational, and worth your while! Our Code of Conduct: All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct. Our Code Of Conduct can be found here
Name: leHACKCity: Paris 🇫🇷Start Date: Website: https://lehack.orgDetails: https://submit.lehack.org
Name: BSides MilanoCity: Milano 🇮🇹Start Date: Website: https://milano.securitybsides.it/Details: The following paper categories are welcome: Full papers describing specific technique, or particular subject in details (40-45 min long) Workshop describing what do you want to achive (3-4 hours) List of Topics Mobile Device Security Virtualization, Hypervisor, and Cloud Security Malware Analysis Reverse Engineering Exploitation Techniques Rootkit Development Code Analysis Forensics and Anti-Forensics Embedded Device Security Web Application Security Threat Intelligence Wireless Network Security Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Social Engineering Bitcoin and Blockchain Red Teaming/Penetration Testing Law Enforcement Activities Telecommunications Security (SS7, 3G/4G/5G, GSM, VOIP, etc) Adversarial Simulation Lateral Movement SCADA/ICS/DCS Attack and Defense Others...
Name: BSides CDMXCity: Mexico city 🇲🇽Start Date: Website: https://bsidescdmx.orgDetails: BSides CDMX Call for Papers and Workshops for our third edition. We are soliciting talks on computer security topics, but are not limited to the following: Security research Exploit/PoC Coding Penetration testing Vulnerability disclosure Tooling Forensics & Incident Response Red/Blue/Purple Team Threat Hunting Mobile devices Security Architecture Embedded Security Security Management Privacy https://bsidescdmx.org/cfp
Name: The 5th IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence TestingCity: Kallithea 🇬🇷Start Date: Website: https://ieeeaitest.com/Details: The 5th IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Testing (AITEST 2023) covers topics such as: Methodologies for testing, verification and validation of AI applications Testing AI applications Tools and environment for automated and semi-automated software testing AI applications for various testing activities and management of testing resources Techniques for testing AI applications Applications of AI techniques to software testing Specific concerns of software testing with various specific types of AI technologies and AI applications Constraint Programming for test case generation and test suite reduction Machine learning applications to software testing, such as test case generation, test effectiveness prediction and optimization, test adequacy improvement, test cost reduction, etc Crowdsourcing and swarm intelligence in software testing Constraint Scheduling and Optimization for test case prioritization and test execution scheduling Data quality evaluation for AI applications Genetic algorithms, search-based techniques and heuristics to optimization of testing Quality assurance for unstructured training data Automatic data validation tools Techniques for testing deep neural network learning, reinforcement learning and graph learning Large-scale unstructured data quality certification The 5th IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Testing (AITEST 2023) will be held in Kallithea on 17-20 July 2023.
Name: The Diana InitiativeCity: las vegas 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.dianainitiative.org/Details: Important Dates March 1st: Call For Presentations Opens April 12th: Call For Presentations Round 1 Closes April 26th: Speaker Acceptance Notifications Sent for Round 1 May 29th: Call for Presentations Round 2 Closes June 14th: Final Speaker Acceptance Notifications Sent Submission Guidelines Submission Title Speaker Name(s) Hidden from reviewers Speaker Email (this is how we will contact you) Hidden from reviewers Speaker biography (150 words or less per speaker) Hidden from reviewers Abstract for your talk (200 words or less) Please refrain from including identifying information Detailed talk outline Please refrain from including identifying information Whether this would be your first speaking engagement at a conference Whether this talk has been previously given at another conference If the submission is missing any of the above items, it will not be accepted. The Diana Initiative reserves the right to throw out papers in which the author’s personal information is contained in the abstract or detailed outline.
Name: DEF CONCity: Las Vegas 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://defcon.org/Details: Every DEF CON event has a theme, and this year’s theme is "The Future Will Prevail". "We are living through a revolt against the future. The future will prevail.’ - Anand Giridharadas This DEF CON is about the future we want to bring into being, together. DEF CON’s hacker community has a powerful role to play in whatever comes next, From hardware to policy, from biohacking to satellites. The skill set of hackers - reckless curiosity, the drive to know how systems work and a vision that sees beyond what a thing is and into what it could be after its pesky warranty is voided - is more important now than its ever been. As you work on your various projects, keep in mind that the future is undefeated, and it belongs to the resourceful, the brave and most of all to those who can see around the corner of what is and what might be. When it comes to DEF CON talks we always want all presentations to thrive with content that inspires others about hacking or reminds us why we come to Vegas. Talks that might make you say "Who would have thought to hack that?". We’re looking for talks that represent hackers & hacking, talks that get how you define the word hacker. We also like the occasional hacker war stories, the legendary tales of hacker realities typically heard off stage. These type of talks aren't dropping RCE's on stage, instead they're the stories of those who did something particularly unique using hacker intuition. While we typically lean toward talks that give the attendees something to walk out with like a new tool or exploit, war stories are talks that narrate an experience or enrich our potential. This year we are incorporating Policy @ DEF CON talks and sessions into our official CFP process. Policy @ DEF CON is looking for proposals that touch on any part of the public policy spectrum including international perspectives on cyber war, norms for the cyber domain, healthcare security policy and everything in between. Every part of the technology ecosystem is impacted by policy and should be a part of our community and conversation. Bringing hackers to policy discussions and policy people to hackers is a goal of ours, and when submitting a CFP we will tend to favor the following: Substantive discussions - scripted talking points belong in a different venue. Tangible outcomes - what happens in Vegas doesn’t HAVE to stay there. Emerging issues - anticipating and addressing future problems. Our Policy program will consist of two places to speak at DEF CON, our Main stage talks & daytime sessions in our Policy @ DEF CON track. More info on what qualifies for a session and/or a talk can be found at Policy @ DEF CON Call Page. What else? Because of our hacker focus, submissions that support the hacker mindset or demonstrate how to master a certain technique are going to be selected over a great enterprise InfoSec talk. A reviewer once said a few years back, “Sometimes content is more inline with an Infosec conference, not that there isn't an overlap between the two, but as a hacker who manages a security team, I come to DC to learn about hacking not managing.” Many of the reviewers share this sentiment. DEF CON has always tried to provide a way to amplify the work of hackers, and to create a venue for research that allows for others to grow. The idea that technology should be free was written into the subtext of "The Hacker Manifesto" and is just as valid today as it was 33 years ago. DEF CON is the largest sponsor free hacking conference, and does not seek or accept money to secure a speaking spot. You have to earn your speaking spot by impressing the CFP review team with your knowledge and skill, only then will you get your spot on stage in front of thousands of hackers. When you fill out your application this year please elaborate on everything your talk will bring to the table. DEF CON wants to know how you or your presentation(s) will contribute a new perspective to the content at DEF CON. Check out https://media.defcon.org/DEF CON 30/ for last year's content & conference presentations. If you want to learn from the past and get a complete list of topics that were accepted browse our archives here: https://defcon.org/html/links/dc-archives.html.
Name: DeveloperWeek CloudXCity: San Mateo 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.developerweek.com/global/conference/cloud/Details: All speakers will be presenting talks live in person in San Mateo, CA (Aug 15-16) & virtually (Aug 22 -23). Please be sure to complete all fields in the proposal form. All speaker decisions are made by the Advisory Board and all speakers must submit via this Call for Speakers process (No exceptions).
Name: Blue Team ConCity: Chicago 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://blueteamcon.com/2023/cfp/Details: Blue Team Con is an annual cybersecurity conference for individuals interested in cybersecurity defense. This includes defenders of organizations but also extends to practitioners performing governance, risk, and compliance, as well as application security development and anyone else who helps safeguard organizations.
Name: THREAT CONCity: Kathmandu 🇳🇵Start Date: Website: https://threatcon.io/Details: https://threatcon.io/cfp
Name: BSides FrankfurtCity: Frankfurt am Main 🇩🇪Start Date: Website: https://bsidesfrankfurt.org/Details: We are excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for talks. As a community-driven event, we are looking for passionate speakers who can deliver technical talks on offensive or defensive security. Presentations can be either 20 or 50 minutes long with 5-10 minutes of Q&A, and we are interested in hearing about a range of topics, including but not limited to network security, cryptography, embedded devices, mobile phone security, wireless, incident response, threat intel, penetration testing and red teaming, blue teaming, purple teaming, and other relevant security topics.
Name: RomHackCity: Rome 🇮🇹Start Date: Website: https://romhack.ioDetails: RomHack is one of the main computer security conferences in Italy, with over 500 yearly attendees. Differently from others, it is a non-profit conference, supported by sponsors but organized by volunteers of Cyber Saiyan non-profit association. Nonetheless, the quality of the event is top-notch. The conference is in English and has international speakers and audience. In 2022 James Forshaw, security researcher at Google Project Zero, introduced the conference as a keynote speaker. Other international speakers that we had the pleasure to host are: - Nestori Syynimaa and Markus Vervier - Antonio Morales and Dirk-jan Mollema - Marcello Salvati - Orange Tsai, Meh Chang, Vincent Le Toux, and Samit Anwer - Sebastian Castro The conference is planned for Saturday, 16 September 2023 in Rome at “Salone delle Fontane”, one of the most prestigious locations in Rome that can host up to 700 people. The Call for Papers (Attack & Defense topic) is open up to 28 May 2023 (23:59 CEST) and speakers will receive an acceptance notification by 19 June 2023. We are looking for - real-life case studies - personal or group research you’ve been a part of - technical topic deep-dives - live demonstrations - comprehensible and well designed presentations Anyone with a solid background in infosec and relevant material to share is welcome to apply If you can rock our stage, then you are who we are looking for!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1l609be5xx_BdkqIMFsXTnyf_KD6JtqXTaYTvIvjGmdg In the leading up days (12-15 September) we are also featuring a selection of awesome Trainings led by international trainers with the aim to provide highly-regarded professional development opportunities: “Code Review” by Silvio Cesare, “Azure AD Security” by Dirk-jan Mollema, ”IoT Security” by Pablo Endres. More info on https://romhack.io/training/
Name: BSides OsloCity: Oslo 🇳🇴Start Date: Website: https://bsidesoslo.no/Details: BSides Oslo is a independent, community-driven inclusive information security conference. A part of the global Security BSides network, the conference creates a space for members of the information security community to come together and share their knowledge and experiences. BSides Oslo is intended for anyone working with, studying with or is interested in security. BSides Oslo 2023 will be the fourth, and the third physical event.
Name: Hack In ParisCity: Paris 🇫🇷Start Date: Website: www.hackinparis.comDetails: https://www.papercall.io/hackinparis2023cpf
Name: Texas Cyber SummitCity: Austin 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://texascyber.org/Details: Details can be found at https://texascyber.org/cfp/
Name: MSSN CTRLCity: Arlington 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://www.mssnctrl.org/Details: We’re creating the conference with you, the practitioner, in mind. We plan to shape the event around the cybersecurity community with workshops and discussions to give you a voice and the opportunity to share. In order to accomplish this, we need your help. Do you have a topic you want to discuss with your peers? Did you build something on top of LimaCharlie that you want to share? Topics are not limited to the use of LimaCharlie. Subject proposals can be made here: Call for papers To help get you started, here are some suggested talks: Incident Response, streamlined: approaches to responding to external incidents faster and more efficiently. The modern SOC architecture: coping with the growing diversity in IT environments. The problem with storage: strategies to deal with storage and its operationalization. Other relevant topics may include but are not limited to: Blue team experiences Detection engineering techniques Malware analysis Threat hunting Forensics Automated security analysis Technology built using LimaCharlie
Name: HexaconCity: Paris 🇫🇷Start Date: Website: https://www.hexacon.fr/Details: About the conference Hexacon is a single track security conference focused on technical offensive security talks The conference will take place from the 13th of October 2023 to the 14th in the heart of Paris Every talk will be in English, without translations or subtitles A social event will be organized on the 13th of October evening Trainings will take place the 4 days prior to the conference, from the 9th to the 12th of October Have a cool research you want to showcase to the Offensive Security community? Take a moment to read what Hexacon expects from a talk application, deadline for submissions is end of may. Would you like to share your novel / interesting research work in any of these topics? Vulnerability research Exploitation techniques Cryptography attacks Hardware hacking Application Security OS, virtualization and low level security Short distance attacks Post exploitation techniques
Name: TuskconCity: Sunshine Coast 🇦🇺Start Date: Website: http://tuskcon.org/Details: We are looking for 2 or 4 hour hands-on tutorials. Submit here: https://forms.gle/Pg7d8BWEYDcfThaq9
Name: BSides CambridgeMACity: Boston 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://bsidescambridgema.orgDetails: BSides CambridgeMA 2023 will be a structured conference, with a variety of presentation and discussion formats throughout the day. Please consider submitting a proposal for one or more of the following formats: * 10 minute Lightning Talk (max 1 speaker) * 30-60 minute Presentation + Q&A (up to 2 speakers) * 30-60 minute Panel Discussion (max 3 panelists + 1 moderator) * 30-60 minute small-group Facilitated Discussion Submission deadline is June 12, 2023 Notifications will be sent July 17, 2023 We will consider proposals on any subject relevant to the fields of information security and hacking. That said, the theme for BSides CambridgeMA 2023 is Cyber Defense in the Digital Panopticon. As such, we would like to encourage (but again, do not require) proposals on any of the following subjects: * privacy & data protection * free and open source software (FOSS) * opting out of surveillance capitalism, such as through alternative platforms or self-hosting * darknets * peer-to-peer applications & networks * operational security (opsec) * open source intelligence gathering (OSINT) * swatting & doxxing * cryptography * cryptocurrency * threat modeling * cybercrime & law * countervailing needs of financial security, privacy, and transparency * hacktivism, leaks, and counter-surveillance * data persistence and integrity in adversarial environments * information security and reproductive health in the post-Roe era Please be as detailed as possible, including an outline if available. Proposals will be reviewed as anonymously as possible, so please do not include any identifying information in your proposal abstract. Proposals will be reviewed by a diverse panel of individuals from the infosec and hacking community. We are especially interested in soliciting proposals relevant to individuals, activists, community organizations, cooperatives, and not-for-profits. (That is to say, anything except for-profit corporations.) Women, NBs, persons of color, and all others encouraged to submit a proposal. Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria: * Thought and detail conveyed in the abstract * Relevance to theme * Originality * Timeliness * Accessibility (highly technical proposals are welcome, but should be approached in a way that offers value to a broader audience) * Relevance to local infosec community To submit your proposal: * Send an email to bsidescambridgema[@]proton[.]me * Use the subject line: `SESSION PROPOSAL 2023` Please include the following information in your email body: * Contact Information (this will be hidden from Review Board) * how you'd like to be called (i.e., name or pseudonym) + pronouns * Mastodon / Fediverse handle * email address * Proposal Info, including Session Title and Session Abstract / Synopsis (!!)
Name: Bsides STLCity: Cottleville 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://bsidesstl.org/Details: *PLEASE NOTE* Event date, Saturday, October 14th, 2023 is our *tentative* working date. Dates will be confirmed and updated. Call for Papers Do you have an interesting subject or research you wanna talk about? Do YOUR chickens or toasters have a insidious plan for world domination? We want to hear from you! Important Dates: CFP opens: April 10th, 2023 CFP closes: May 31st, 2023 Acceptance notifications: June 15th, 2023 *Please note this is an in person event and speakers will be required to deliver their talk in person. Submission Guidelines: Submissions that appear in nature to be a primarily a marketing/sales pitch will not be accepted. Each speaker may choose if they would like their talk recorded or streamed, please indicate your preference during submission. This question in no way affects the evaluation of your submission. Evaluations: BSidesSTL will have multiple rounds of evaluations for CFP, consisting of a first round blind evaluation with rating/ranking system. Special Considerations: If you need special equipment, accommodations or have other specific needs, please let us know. If your talk may introduce sensitive topics or issues that could have legal ramifications, please let us know in advance. By attending BSidesSTL in any capacity, you agree to the BSidesSTL Code of Conduct found here
Name: Wild West Hackin' Fest: DeadwoodCity: Deadwood 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://wildwesthackinfest.com/deadwood/Details: Thank you for your interest in presenting at Wild West Hackin' Fest, which will be held in Deadwood, South Dakota October 18-20, 2023. The conference will be held virtually and in-person. We have a strong preference for in person speakers, but if you can only present virtually we are looking for those speakers too! WWHF is open for experts, folks new to the industry, the just plain curious, and everyone in-between. We are looking for talks and research that appeal to beginners and experts in the field. We have shorter talks slots available at 15 minutes or longer talk slots at 50 minutes. Also, check the main page for Call for Workshops and Call for Training pages if you have other longer form content you would like to possibly share. Please fill out the form below to give us an idea of your presentation topic. Presenters should plan to give a live presentation that is either 15 or 50 minutes in length. If the presentation will be given by more than one presenter, please be sure to provide two names, two Twitter handles (if applicable), two bios, two headshots, etc. Submission Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2023
Name: No HatCity: Bergamo 🇮🇹Start Date: Website: https://www.nohat.it/Details: ****************************************************** Event: No Hat 2023 Date: 21st of October 2023 Venue: Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy ****************************************************** Call for Presentations ====================== No Hat is a computer security conference organized by BITM. This 5th edition will take place on October 21st in Bergamo, Italy. We are seeking ideas and contributions in the following areas, but not limited to: * Side Channel Attacks * Privacy and Anonymity * Mobile and OS Security * Web and Browser Security * Investigations and e-Crime * Cloud and Hypervisor Security * Hardware and Physical Security * Malware Analysis and Detection * Attacks to Radio Protocols (SDR) * Industrial and Vehicular Networks * Vulnerability Research, Exploitation * Network Protocols, Analysis and Attacks * Telecommunication Security, 5G, Satellite * Attacks to Cryptographic Schemes and Defense * Data Recovery, Forensics and Incident Response * State of the Art and Systematization of Knowledge * Critical Infrastructure and Cyber-Physical-Systems All speaking slots are 45 minutes *including* questions. Presentation language is English. Depending on the contents of the presentation, selected speakers will be inserted in the Research Track or in the Technical Track. Previous presentations are online at https://www.youtube.com/c/BITMHacklab. Previous speakers enter our Hall of Fame at https://www.nohat.it/hall-of-fame.html. Call for Workshops ================== Starting from this edition, we also look for workshops on cutting-edge topics. Workshops must provide a hands-on training to attendees for a duration of 1.5 or 3 hours. Submissions =========== To apply, please submit to info [@] hacklabg [dot] net. Include [NO HAT 2023] in the subject, together with the talk's title. Remember to include the following: - Your name or nickname - Your website or twitter handler, if any - Your profile picture // optional - Your biography (who you are, and previous speaking experience) // max 150 words - Format // presentation or workshop - The abstract // max 250 words - The outline // max 500 words - Any additional material detailing your contribution (e.g., slides, paper or poc) - If workshop: info about the duration and the attendees' expected know-how to follow your class - Why you want to present at No Hat - Detail if your work is novel (never presented before); if not, please specify where previously presented - From where you plan to travel, if accepted Deadlines ========= Our CFP closes on July 15th, and the notifications will be given on August 1st at most. |_ Proposals sent before June 1st will receive early notification. Benefits ======== Accepted talks will benefit from flight and hotel accommodation (up to one speaker). We held a speaker dinner reception on Friday evening and a social event on Saturday.
Name: API WorldCity: Santa Clara 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://apiworld.co/Details: All speakers will be presenting talks in person (Oct 24-26) and virtually (Oct 31 -Nov 2) Please be sure to complete all fields in the proposal form. All speaker decisions are made by the Advisory Board and all speakers must submit via this Call for Speakers process (No exceptions). First Round proposal deadline is Friday, May 12, 2023, and Final Round proposal deadline is Friday, June 9, 2023.
Name: SecTorCity: Toronto 🇨🇦Start Date: Website: https://sector.caDetails: https://sectorcfp.blackhat.com/
Name: BlackAlpsCity: Yverdon-les-bains 🇨🇭Start Date: Website: https://pretalx.com/blackalps-2023/cfpDetails: #CFP We expect an event offering a wide range of topics included in the information security field, including software, hardware, networks, infrastructures, systems, and others. For instance, topics could be: - Applications security - Vulnerability research and exploits development - Penetration testing and red teaming - Cloud security - Security automation - Network security - Intrusion detection and monitoring - Cryptography Some examples of subjects: - How we are handling appsec for product development at XYZ - Novel exploitation technique against target XYZ - How we are building detection engineering at XYZ - I received ABC for Christmas, this is how I hacked it - Findings vulnerabilities in cloud providers services - Shifting security left and ensure safe-by-construct products An external resource on how to write a good CFP. # Workshops This year workshops can also be entered through the CFP. Workshops are to be given on a day (e.g. 9am - 5pm). Regarding the pricing model, please indicate your pricing per participant in the CFP answer. BlackAlps keeps a fee of 250.- CHF per participant covering the room, lunch and coffee breaks. An exception for students’ price can be discussed and agreed between Black Alps and the trainer (e.g. CHF 100.-). Please indicate the minimal and maximal number of attendees that you allow. For example: - If your training is free, participants pay CHF 250.- - If your training is CHF 500.-, you get CHF 250.- per participant, BlackAlps gets CHF 250.- All workshop payments will be managed through BlackAlps ticketing system. Attendees will be provided with lunch and coffee breaks for the day. The trainer will be provided with a training room that includes a projector. # First timers Is this the first time you’re submitting to a conference and you’re not too confident? Would you like some feedback on your submission? You probably got this but it could be a little bit stressful submitting to your first conference :) Don’t worry, this year, we got you covered! Tag your submission with [mentoring] in its title and submit a draft before May 20th. We will review your submission and give you feedback before May 25th so you can make adjustments, should it be needed.
Name: DEATHCon (Detection Engineering and Threat Hunting)City: Seattle (also another location in Amsterdam, NL, or pure online participation from anywhere) 🇺🇸Start Date: Website: https://deathcon.ioDetails: This is a conference of practical workshops only (no pure "talks" without something for participants to do). The conference organizers set up an AD environment and give all participants VPN access to add VM workstations, plus set up offensive security tools and let everyone try out attacks on the systems. Everything has extensive logging and everyone gets access to search the logs, then come up with detection queries and strategies. Here are the areas the conference covers, but if you have any other ideas for threat hunting or detection engineering, please submit anyway! • Email threats • Static detection (yara & clam rules) • Network detections & hunting (Security Onion) • Endpoint hunting w/Sysmon, EDRs (maybe a few varieties) • Binary analysis and RE • Memory hunting • Cloud threat hunting • Special tools like RPCFirewall, FourCore, etc. • Offensive Security Tools
Name: IT-TageCity: Frankfurt am Main 🇩🇪Start Date: Website: https://www.it-tage.orgDetails: The IT Days are organized by Informatik Aktuell, the trade magazine for professional software development and information technology, as an annual conference. They take place in this year of 11. to 14.12.2023 in the cape Europe, the congress house of the fair Frankfurt. The program will offer the participants also in this year again an exciting topic spectrum. The target audience is experts in software architecture and software development, DevOps, databases, IT security and IT operations, requirements engineering and software quality, Agile and project management. The audience appreciates technical and professional depth. The main language of the conference is German. Presentations in English are also accepted. We welcome practically relevant, future-oriented and innovative contributions.
Name: BSides BerlinCity: Berlin 🇩🇪Start Date: Website: https://bsides.berlin/Details: We are looking for a diverse set of topics in the area of information security listed below, and others: -Reverse Engineering -Web Application Security -Network Security -Digital Forensics/Incident Response (DFIR) -Threat Intelligence -Software/Hardware Exploitation -iOS/Android Security -Blockchain security -Hacker Community -Hacking AI/ML -Social Engineering -Everything else related: use the tag Other Our attendees have different backgrounds and are in different levels, so if you have an interesting story to share - we want to hear it! First time speakers are welcome, vendor pitches are not.
Name: BotconfCity: Strasbourg 🇫🇷Start Date: Website: https://www.botconf.euDetails: https://www.botconf.eu/botconf-2023/call-for-papers-2023/