Bug Bounties


Powered by: 

Allows bounty splitting: 

Average time to first program response: 6

Average time to bounty awarded null: 326

Average time to report resolved: 875

Handle uber

Managed program: true

Name: Uber

Offers bounties: true

Offers swag: false

Response efficiency percentage: 99

Submission state: open

Url: https://hackerone.com/uber

Website: https://www.uber.com

In scope:

  • Asset identifier: Uber Assets
  • Asset type: OTHER
  • Availability requirement: 
  • Confidentiality requirement: 
  • Eligible for bounty: true
  • Eligible for submissions: true
  • Instruction: If you have found a vulnerability in an Uber app or site that is not in the Out of Scope list below, please submit a report for triage and review.
  • Integrity requirements: 
  • Max severity: critical