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How I can render a component from a string with vue 3?

I'm trying render a component from string but I didn't succeed. My codes are bellow: <template> <div v-html="beautifyNotification(notification)"></div> </template> <script> import { Link } from '@inertiajs/inertia-vue3' import {compile,h} from "vue" export default { components: { }, props: { notifications: Object }, methods: { beautifyNotification (ntfction) { return h(compile(`<Link :href="`+ntfction.from.username+`" class="h6 notification-friend">`+ntfction.from.name+` </Link>, commented on your new <Link href="#" class="notification-link">profile status</Link>.`)) }, } } </script> I tried render component with h and compile but it returned `object object`