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Could not load dynamic library 'libcudart.so.11.0';

I am trying to use Tensorflow 2.7.0 with GPU, but I am constantly running into the same issue: 2022-02-03 08:32:31.822484: W tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/dso_loader.cc:64] Could not load dynamic library 'libcudart.so.11.0'; dlerror: libcudart.so.11.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory; LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /home/username/.cache/pypoetry/virtualenvs/poetry_env/lib/python3.7/site-packages/cv2/../../lib64:/home/username/miniconda3/envs/project/lib/ 2022-02-03 08:32:31.822528: I tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/cudart_stub.cc:29] Ignore above cudart dlerror if you do not have a GPU set up on your machine. This issue has already appeared multiple times here & on github. However, the solutions usually proposed to a) download the missing CUDA files, b) downgrade/upgrade to the correct CUDA version, c) set the correct `LD_LIBRARY_PATH`. I have been already using my PC with CUDA-enabled PyTorch, and I did not have a single issue there. My `nvidia-smi` returns 11.0 version, which is exactly the only I want to have. Also, if I try to run: import os LD_LIBRARY_PATH = '/home/username/miniconda3/envs/project/lib/' print(os.path.exists(os.path.join(LD_LIBRARY_PATH, "libcudart.so.11.0"))) it returns `True`. This is exactly the part of `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` from the error message, where Tensorflow, apparently, cannot see the `libcudart.so.11.0` (which IS there). Is there something really obvious that I am missing? `nvidia-smi` output: +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | NVIDIA-SMI 450.156.00 Driver Version: 450.156.00 CUDA Version: 11.0 | |-------------------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ `nvcc`: nvcc: NVIDIA (R) Cuda compiler driver Copyright (c) 2005-2019 NVIDIA Corporation Built on Sun_Jul_28_19:07:16_PDT_2019 Cuda compilation tools, release 10.1, V10.1.243