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Golang Split data into batches to concurrent/parallel update in DB

Given a large slice with data that needs to be updated in the sql-like DB. Update in one SQL query can be long and lead to problems. How to split this data into batches to concurrent/parallel update with small queries? For example, `UPDATE tablename SET uid=12345 WHERE url IN (...)` At least a small example ... I already broke my head( ``` type Task struct { URL string UID string } type Pool struct { numWorkers int tasks chan Task done chan bool } func New(numWorkers int, buffer int) *Pool { return &Pool{ numWorkers: numWorkers, tasks: make(chan Task, buffer), done: make(chan bool), } } func (p *Pool) Run() { wg := &sync.WaitGroup{} for i := 0; i < p.numWorkers; i++ { wg.Add(1) go func(i int) { defer wg.Done() for { select { case task := <-p.tasks: // execute case <-p.done: close(p.tasks) return } } }(i) } wg.Wait() p.done <- true } func (p *Pool) AddTask(urls []string, uid string) { for _, url := range urls { p.tasks <- Task{URL: url, UID: uid} } } ```