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list to csv with = in the list

I had a requirement to scan the logs and identify the specific keywords and then export that to a csv or to a database I was able to achieve half of the solution. so far I was able to scan the logs with specific key word get that line and then in that line pick only necessary details and put it to a list what I am unable to do is put this list into a desired format in csv list is looking like below after half part of solution ['batchName=ColVal Batch', 'countOfOutboundXmlSent=183', 'countOfTradesPersistedInTdx=193', 'batchStartTime=2023-04-27T09:43:51.208Z] desired output in csv ![desired output in csv](https://i.stack.imgur.com/GlvSD.png) t1 = open(r"C:\Temp\tntrreporting.log", 'r') fileone = t1.readlines() text = "BatchTriggerDetails" for line in fileone: if text in (line): details_index = line.find("batchName") details_content = (line[details_index:len(line)-2]) details_1= details_content.split(",") print (details_1)