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nfdump: do not combine same flows in one line

Flows are aggregated in one line Hello everyone, I am trying to convert some pcap files to a readable csv with the corresponding flows. First I comvert the pcap to nfcapd files and then run nfdump. When I use this command: `nfdump -O tstart -b -R afternoonFriday/ >out.csv` I got Ouput like, where every flow has a field *Date first seen,* some other information and then *Flows*, which counts the occurence of same the 5-tuples (src,dest,srcPort,destPort,protocol) in this line. But I want a table, where every 5-tuple Flow can appear more than once and has it own line with it regarding timestamp. So for example, if there is a line with field *flows = 6*, I just want this 6 flows in a own line with their corresponding starting times. Is this possible with this tool and which parameter I have to set?